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Did you kow California has a unique system? California is the only state that has The Lanterman Act. Not every state has Regional Centers, so how does our system work? This is a long question to answer but here is a quick definition of what the Lanterman is & a You tube video about our this: What is the Lanterman Act? The Lanterman Developmental Disabilities Act (AB 846), also known as the Lanterman Act, is a California law, initially proposed by Assemblymember Frank D. Lanterman in 1973 and passed in 1977, that gives people with developmental disabilities the right to services and supports that enable them to live a more independent and normal life. The legislation significantly expanded upon its landmark predecessor, the Lanterman Mental Retardation Services Act (AB 225), initially proposed in 1969. The original act extended the state’s existing regional center network of services for the developmentally disabled, while mandating provision of services and supports that meet both the needs and the choices of each individual.

The Lanterman Act declares that persons with developmental disabilities have the same legal rights and responsibilities guaranteed all other persons by federal and state constitutions and laws, and charges the regional center with advocacy for, and protection of, these rights.

Here is a training I HIGHLY Recommend you watch when you have 15-20 minutes per video to sit & listen! P.S. I just got off the phone with the ED of the ARC of Riverside & we are in the process of putting together an online similiar training for our FB CAPODS & Yahoo LAPODS viewers & all of the disabilty community in CA.
Want more info, google Lanterman Act!

The Lanterman Act and California’s Service System, part 1

The Lanterman Act and California’s Service System, part 2

The Lanterman Act and California’s Service System, part 3

The Lanterman Act and California’s Service System, part 4


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