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In April of 2004 I received a call from our Doctor informing me that there was a good chance that our son would have trisomy 21 or Down Syndrome. I remember I was in my car at the time and immediately tears started streaming from my eyes yet I was not visibly crying.  My first thought, God why?  As a Christian I had given my life to Jesus and considered the advantage that that would be to me.  Safety, peace and knowing His love.   So not doubting God’s love for me yet I just kept saying why?

Over the next few weeks while listening to my favorite music by Bach or other Choral Masters I would immediately just lose it.  Really crying now.  In the car, at home or anywhere.  Sunglasses were now mandatory.

I also started praying all the time.  Why God???  Do I still believe?  I know the bible tells us all things work together for good yet…  I remember in school as a child there was a very needy child with Down syndrome.  That was some 40 years ago and he was very bad off.  He Had seizures in school and everyone mocked him.  This is how I pictured my sons life to be.  I had never known anything different. Also I remember going to the store and seeing other families with a child with Down Syndrome, what is wrong with those parents I would ponder.

A wonderful thing happened in prayer one day.  God revealed something to me.  It was as clear as day, “I am good John and my ways are perfect”.  Immediately a peace came over me and I was able to embrace my future.  I told my wife and my wife and I knew that it would be a good way.

Noah, our first child, was born on 08-10-2004.  There was such a joy in the hospital room.  I knew angels were there singing.  I took a picture of my wife’s face and it was truly a picture that spoke a thousand words.  She was glowing and had a big smile that light up the room.  Dr. Cross, yes that is her real name, put little Noah on the scale and the digital display beamed a big 7.0 lbs.  God’s number of perfection.  I laughed as I read it and said oh Jesus you are so good.

Noah is the most precious loving boy I have ever known.  He is always happy.  Always giving joy to others.  He is 9 now and always tells me that I am his best friend.  He also wants to help everyone and is very selfless.  I never notice if anyone stares or notices my son since to me he is flawless. I am the proud father!

Another surprise happened in early 2007. My wife was pregnant again and this time we were all happy thinking that when my wife and I are no longer here there will there will now be a sibling to take care of my treasure, Noah.  YEA!  Not so fast though as I received the same familiar call from Dr. Cross.  Guess what? Another baby with Down Syndrome.  We already knew her name would be Genev’e which means to” gush forth”.  How could we not be overcome with overflowing joy at the news.  When Genev’e was born they put her on the scale guess how much baby number two weighed?  She weighed 7.7 Lbs.  God makes no mistakes.

I see my children in the light of the love of Jesus for me and now Noah and Genev’e are a daily reminder of His ways not being my ways.   How wonderful is that.

My wife also loves Jesus and was diagnosed with M.S. a few years back.  She is now in a wheelchair with secondary progressive Multiple Sclerosis. If you were to meet her you would say she is an angel.  Why?  She never complains.  She just retains that beautiful glow.  Its never left her face.

Visit our website at also our Facebook page “San Diego Down Syndrome” and twitter page” SandiegoDownSyn” .   YouTube “Genev’e” to see a video of us too!

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