San Diego Down Syndrome

Our Mission

Our Mission

This organization has been formed for charitable purposes, to assist in educating persons regarding children with disabilities.

Also to provide resources for children and adults with Down Syndrome and other similar and/or related disabilities. To coordinate events related to the education and benefit of same. This includes providing resources such as ipads and apps to further equip children with Down Syndrome to learn.

In addition, this corporation is formed for the purposes of performing all things incidental to, or appropriate in, the achievement of the foregoing specific and primary purposes.

John Leslie, the founder of San Diego Down Syndrome. org has two children with Down Syndrome, Noah and Genev’e who are natural siblings. No board members take any salary or other compensation.

Click Here to Donate:

Contact us to donate real, vehicle, vessel or other property. We will pickup and handle all paperwork. We are a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. Thank you for caring.  619-708-5636 or click here…

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Donate books and other items such as cars, bikes, household items etc.

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